The March Writer’s Challenge!

Well the My Writer’s Cramp March Writer’s Challenge has officially started!

There are already a half dozen people signed up or planning to participate and as soon as the entries start coming in I will post the links here and the judging will begin!

Is this the first you’ve hear of the March Writer’s Challenge? Well click HERE for more information including the rules!

Why settle for something normal? Push yourself and give the challenge a try!



God’s Wrath by Eric Swett

Wizard’s World War Intro by ralfast

Bedeviled by Marantha Janelle

The Moon Blessed by Sonia M.

Prologue by Jespren


You may vote for more than one story.

But you can only vote for each story once!


18 thoughts on “The March Writer’s Challenge!

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  4. Gwen

    I will catch the next one of these….so sorry I wasn’t able to participate this time. I am feeling somewhat guilty. 😦

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