100-Day Challenge, Day 044

“Necessary?”  Neville walked to his desk and sat down in the large chair that virtually screamed out his sense of self importance.

“Without the horror the beauty would seem much less magnificent.”

“Ahhh, the old, ‘the light is so much brighter because of the darkness,’ philosophy.”  Neville leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers before him, “you always were a fan of that argument.”

“I suppose I have, but it holds true.  Humanity has always shined brightest when the darkness was deepest.”  Robert walked back to the doors and traced his fingers over the delicately carved scenes upon them before reaching for the handle.

Neville paused for a moment, turning to look once more out his grand windows, “then let us hope that they shine brighter than ever before in the coming days.”


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