A Blog Post I Started My Day With: Shut Up and Listen « Whatever

Okay, click the link below and read it. It is mostly aimed at straight white men, but I think there is something in there that can be learned by everyone. I read it first thing this morning, okay, first thing after I was done in the shower, but still.

I hope it makes you think a little bit before you open your mouth today.

Shut Up and Listen « Whatever.


One thought on “A Blog Post I Started My Day With: Shut Up and Listen « Whatever

  1. Interesting article but I’ve never had that problem. The few times in my life I let my arrogance get the better of me it either bit me in the ass or I felt like utter crap afterwards. Never had much of an ego, not very competitive (if at all) and I don’t consider myself all that intelligent… At this point though, in this world, I realize that these are all major character flaws.

    I’ve also never had an advantage in being white. I know this paradigm exists for others but nothing ever fell on my plate because I was Caucasian. Unless you want to include being moved to the head of the line for a supermarket job (ahead of the Hispanics from my neighborhood) when I was 16. I remember going to the financial aid office in NY Tech and everyone looking at me like I shouldn’t be there. I’ve found that life is less about color and a whole lot more about status.

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