100-Word Challenge, Day 166

Image by Joaquin Villaverde Photography via Flickr

Hagen walked further into the darkness until he reached a place where no light touched the rails. Year after year the city’s municipal workers replaced the lights in this section of the tunnel, but they never lasted more than an hour or two. The powers that be declared that the area was plagued by electrical surges that blew out the lights. The people who replaced the lights swore it was haunted. The reality was somewhere in between. Power surges were indeed responsible for the blow outs, but they were mystical, not electrical, in origin. The creatures of the dark liked their privacy and they were diligent in maintaining their hidden places.


2 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge, Day 166

  1. Chasity Robichaud

    I was finally able to catch up on all of your writings here tonight. Whew! 2 suggestions, if I may? 1. Change Julia’s hair color. 2. Submit some of this to the editor. Maybe it didn’t hold him in the one you submitted due to the era of when it was set? We’ll talk soon, my friend. Mucho love to you! 🙂

    1. Why change her hair color?

      I can’t really submit this since they are very particular on the genre/setting and this doesn’t fit in, but I’m submitting something else just the same. I just have to finish some editing on it.

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