100-Word Challenge, Day 181-182

Hagen considered the information for a moment then smiled. “So the Light moved and the Orpheans blinked? How utterly disappointing,” he said before standing. “It does however make sense. Still, you should talk to any friends you have about reconsidering Albert’s offer. The Light often moves, but rarely do they do anything. In the last two-thousand years the Light has done almost nothing direct, always pushing their chores off on some poor true believer of the mortal plane. And we both know that usually ends in some form of martyrdom.” Hagen smiled at the snake-man. “No, there will be no interference this time, not until it is too late.”

“I will do what I can,” said Kassaah.

“See that you do so friend. Events are moving quickly and I would not see your people left behind in the offing.” Hagen stood and walked to the doorway. He placed his hand on the door, turned back to the Orphean and asked, “do you mind if I show myself out or would you rather maintain the illusion of security?”

“Feel free to show yourself out Dark One.” The Orphean motioned to the door and said, “you have given me much to consider this day and I would take as much time as I may.”

“As you wish,” Hagen said before opening the door and leaving.


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