100-Word Challenge, Day 214


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“True, but everyone knows he uses whores,” he says. “Tell me something you can’t read in every scandal magazine.”

He was right, everyone did know that. Albert flaunted it, even made a big deal about it. A couple of years ago he made some comments about all women being prostitutes at heart, but that escorts were just more up front with their pricing.  His PR men had worked a lot of overtime to smooth that particular blunder out and in the end Albert had a battered women’s shelter built with his name on it and the complaints ceased. The experience hadn’t changed his behavior, it just made him a little more tight lipped about it.


2 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge, Day 214

  1. Janece

    Funny – this reminds me of a post that I read a week or so ago…but in this guys’ case, his belief that women were all whores was reality! LOL Good job. Can’t wait until NaNo is over so I can get back to some real blogging life.

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