Whole Foods Countdown, 22 Days Remaining

ciao_yvon /Foter

Okay, so I didn’t do well tracking my food intake this weekend, and it is probably a good thing. This was not my best weekend for eating despite my good intentions. Friday night I did okay with tuna fish sandwhiches and a little ice cram for desert. Saturday was on track to be okay with some good, low fat foods, but I crashed when my neighbor brought over some barbecue chicken wings. Let’s just say I wasn’t very good at sharing with the rest of the family and my wife had to actually tell me to stop eating. It was embarassing to be honest. I am weak willed some times. Sunday I did better and though we had sub sandwhiches for lunch I stuck to a veggie sandwhich so I felt a little better about it. Dinner was home made navy bean and ham soup with home made cornbread. It was good and I probably ate a little too much, but only a little too much.

On the upside of this weekend we discovered that the boys LOVE almond milk. They drained an entire container in about 24 hours. Zachary liked the soy milk as well, but Connor could not stand it.  It looks like Almond milk will be the headliner for our little family. One thing this weekend did was made me start thinking about substitutes more. I like cornbread, but I don’t want to have to use dairy milk, eggs and vegetable oil to make it. I need to start putting together a list of substitues that I can keep on hand for such occasions as last night. I did not have enough dairy milk to do the cornbread so I took a leap of faith and used some Soy Milk as a substitute. It seemed to work, but I really don’t like having to guess.

I also got to do karate on Saturday, which was a ncie thing. I’m coming along okay and I’m not hurting overly much, but I did end up a bit gimpy on Saturday evening. We worked on our walking punch, which I did well with, but there is a lot more foot work involved and I could feel it later (and to be honest I still do this morning). I have really flat feet and I’ve had doctors tell me that I would be in a wheel chair by now, so I’m not greedy when it comes to being able to do things on my feet, but I have to be careful what I do or I pay for it dearly. I love playing racquett ball, but one hour of that leaves me limping for a week. I don’t want karate to be one of those things so if it persists I may have to talk to my sensei to see if there are things I can do to modify the moves and minimize the pain.

Anyhow, it is a new week and I will try to get back on the wagon so that February is not too much of a shock to my system.

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