I Went and Did It Again

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This morning I went and submitted a story to a literary magazine. It always feels so good to have a story finished and ready for submission, but the moment I hit that send button all of the anxiety comes crashing in. I think every writer gets that effect or something like that. I am pretty proud of this piece and I think it stands a decent enough chance, but I thought the same thing about my last piece as well. I do think my writing is getting better though so even if I receive another rejection letter I will be okay.

On another note, the editing on Alone is going well. I have almost finished the middle third and then it will be onto the home stretch. Of course this is just the first edit. I look at my friend Steve Umstead and see how he cranked out three excellent books in just over a year and think to myself, “damn, how the hell does he do that?” I spent the better part of a year working on alone and I’ve been editing the first draft for four months still. I may be lucky enough to actually have it finished by this summer at the rate I’m going.

Balancing writing and editing has become a bit of a challenge for me right now. I am keeping up with my daily 100 and a few other blogs here and there, but that is about it on the writing front. Everything else is editing. I look at this year and see another novel (written during NaNoWriMo) waiting for an edit and rewrite, 2012’s NaNoWriMo and of course I would like to get some more short pieces written and submitted along the way. Add to all of that the sequel for Alone and I have a lot on my plate. Is it too much?

On a related front, I have started thinking about book covers. More specifically I have been thinking about the cover art. If I end up going the self-published route, where the heck do I find good cover art that I can afford? I am not artistic by any stretch and I  am not nearly clever or crafty enough to put something together. I want the covers to look good and that usually means higher cost. Are there any other Indie authors out there who might offer up some advice?



4 thoughts on “I Went and Did It Again

  1. Have I mentioned that you’re my hero? Always writing your little butt off. An inspiration for us all. Wish I had the balls to submit something!

    As far as cover art, don’t sell yourself short. Try it yourself first. Abstract is easy, you just have to relax. I’ve done the art thing, out of practice now though. If you give me an idea of what you want, I’ll hack at something for you (if I the inspiration hits me) with no obligation to use or anything like that, just cause I’m that type of guy.

    Always figured if I get to that point I’d just drum up a cover myself.

    I do have a friend, (http://isacanddem.com/) who I can talk to for you. He’s just had a local art show and sold a few pieces. He’s pretty good with the abstract stuff and does some decent photography as well, and I’m sure his pricing would be very reasonable.

    1. Doing something with photography is kind of what I’ve been leaning towards. I take some decent photos myself so I may try to come up with something on my own. All that being said, I apreciate you refering your friend to me. I may just have to look him up when the time comes. It is still a ways off I’m afraid, but every day brings me a bit closer.

      I think you could definitely submit some of your work. Just do some looking around, pick something to submit and do a heavy editing run on it. Then you close your eye and hit send. It is terrifying and exhillirating all at the same time.

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