100-Word Challenge: Chapter Two



Haden watched the cab drive away, noting the company and cab number. But more importantly than either was the gentle white glow that shimmered around the dingy yellow car. ‘This is an interesting development indeed,’ he thought to himself. He stretched his arms out, stopping the two men who accompanied him. “Let them go. We’ll let the lessers handle them for now.” Haden turned back to the alley and walked into its waiting shadows. “We have to let Albert know what we’re dealing with.”

“What are we dealing with, Haden?” asked Simon, one of Haden’s newest thralls.

” Simon,” Haden said in a voice that suggested patience, but carried an edge of anger, “we’re dealing with one of the blessed.” If Haden had been facing the other two men Simon could have seen the hatred etched on Haden’s face and would have known to keep his mouths shut. Of the two, only Peter had been around Haden long enough to recognize the particular tone in his master’s voice. He motioned for Simon to shut up but Simon was more brawn than brain and paid him no heed.

“Who are the blessed?”

Haden stopped walking. His face contorted with rage. “Why is it so hard to find a good thrall these days?” he asked haltingly. Each word was filled with the careful anger he had built up over thousands of years. He quickly gained control of his features and smiled like a father who was patiently explaining things to his youngest child. “The blessed, dear Simon, are the favored of God. They are the obedient sheep who don’t fear the dark because they think they are safe within his arms.” Haden stepped up to the quivering Simon and put his hands on either side of his head.

Peter wanted to step back, the power of Haden poured into the alley with so much pressure that Peter’s ears popped as if he were in an airplane climbing for altitude. “They forget the world around them is a dark and scary place because they’ve not known true fear or love or hatred. They do not know the pain of solitude because they can always feel him.” Haden’s voice grew louder and the rage returned to his face as he lifted Simon up by his head. “They are why I am here, to remind them just how alone they are in this world!”

 Haden threw Simon against the wall with enough force to crack the bricks, sending a spray of dust and blood blossomed outward in an l explosion that blanketed the alley. When his body hit the filthy asphalt floor with a wet hollow thump, it was obvious from the unnatural angle of his neck that Simon the thrall was no longer alive. Peter stared at the corpse of his former new partner and shook his head, irritated that the man ignored his advice from earlier in the day. “Do you want me to get rid of the body master?”

 “No, I have a better plan for him.” Haden stepped over to the corpse and pressed a pair of fingers against its forehead, leaving a dark, blood colored mark in their place when he lifted them from the cooling skin. He stepped away from the dead thrall and commanded, “rise.” The corpse rose to its feat slowly, its movement sluggish and unbalanced. “Slave. Go to the chirurgeon and tell him I sent you. Don’t be seen by anyone on the way. Do you understand?”

“Yesss.” The former thrall’s voice was no longer his own. The words left his lips with a chill breath.

“Good. Now go.” Haden turned back down the alley, walking at a brisk pace. “Come, Peter. We must find you a new partner before we seek Albert.”

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