100-Word Challenge, Day 352

One by one, I place their battered corpses upon the pyre until it is filled from end to end. I search my memory and find the funeral rites of the elves. With a wave of my hand, I clean the bodies and dress them in the finest fabrics. White flowers decorate their hair and cover their funeral pyre.

“You honor them with the old ways,” Gloriana says from behind me.

“They deserve nothing less,” I say. “Your people have suffered for a long time, and these brave elves died fighting an enemy that was mine.” I turn and look at her. “You know me for who I am.”

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100-Word Challenge, Day 351


Post Yule Pyre
Post Yule Pyre (Photo credit: thepartycow)

I float above the bodies of the fallen goblins until I come to the fallen form of Julius. I did not know him well, but I counted him a friend. I set down beside him, and pick up his broken body. I know he is dead, his soul consigned to oblivion, but I would see his body given a proper burial. I walk toward the center of the room, pushing aside goblin corpses with my will, and set his body down at my feet.

“Stand back,” I commanded as I focused my power and summoned a funeral pyre of ancient pine and oak. “Bring your dead to me,” I say and the elves obey.

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A Day at Wing Haven


Wing Haven from the front gate


This weekend the family and I went to Wing Haven, here in North Carolina, and I have found a new place I love and it will be a repeat visit.

The Wing Haven Gardens are a pair of Gardens just outside of uptown Charlotte, near Queen’s College. They are not botanical gardens as much as they are what I would call “real” gardens, planted and cultivated by a pair of homeownrs in their backyards. I could go into the details of who created them and why, but if you cick the link above you’ll find the official website, which gives you far more information than I could manage.

Instead of sharing all of the information, I will share some of the pictures I took during our visit.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 350



The cavern is silent. I can sense everyone in the room, but they are silent. The goblins are dead, most of them at my hand, and the elves are terrified. They invited a monster into their home and didn’t know what to do about it. I suppose their action would be more negative if I hadn’t shown myself to be on their side. I can’t blame them for fearing me.

The wizard escaped, but I suspect it was an automatic defense rather than a conscious attempt to save his own life. I can sense trace of teleportation magic emanating from where he stood just moments earlier. He broke through the barrier and set me free. The backlash would have killed a lesser man. This, Vandal, bears remembering.

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100-Word Challenge, Day 349


Angel of the Death
Angel of the Death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He looked at the door and considered running, but he doubted he would make it. He walked around the edge of the outer circle, careful not to disturb the chalk despite Tony’s mistake. Gabriel stopped in front of the smeared portion at Tony’s feet, and waited.

Julia’s voice was soft, yet it echoed throughout the room as she spoke. “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death.”

Tears streamed down Father Gabriel’s face as he whispered, “it’s not possible. It can’t be him.”

Father Gabriel’s eyes were drawn to Julia’s. They turned white as he watched, and he sensed a change in her. Whatever force had taken control was gone, but it had left its mark upon the girl’s eyes. He made his way through the circle and knelt before her. “Child, are you okay?” he asked, forgetting his place in holding her captive.

She turned her blind eyes to him and said, “he is awoken.”


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100-Word Challenge, Day 348

Tony couldn’t move. He wanted to move. He wanted to run from the girl and never look back. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he strained every muscle in his body. He fell to his knees, blood dripped from his ears and tears flowed from his eyes. He whimpered in agony.

The mumbling stopped and Tony regained control of his body. He fell backwards and scuttled away from Julia, back through the mystical circle, leaving a mess of smeared chalk in his wake.

“Fool!” shouted Gabriel. “You have ruined the circle.”

There was a loud snap, like the report of a gun, and the bonds that held the girl in place were broken, though she made no move. “Come to me, priest,” she said. Her voice pure, but it was not her own. Hours earlier, he had talked with her at length and she had confided in him what Justin was. She was just a girl, but she terrified him.

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Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12

Bernard slipped into the darkness outside of his room, and ran past the buildings of the old high school. He dodged through the open spaces, turning down the alleys that a generation earlier would have been filled with students, if it weren’t in the middle of the night. He thanked the heavens for the thick layer of clouds overhead. He was unsure whether he hoped for rain or not. A dry night would make it easier to run away, and the rain would make it easier to move in for the kill. Continue reading “Apocalypse Runner 03-26-12”