100-Word Challenge, Day 334

“Send a cleaning crew in to remove the dead.” His voice was devoid of emotion, though he regretted the loss of so many. “I want the chamber repaired and sanctified before nightfall.” He looked around the room, pleased to see his orders being followed. “I will be in my office,” he said. “I need to call Robert.”

Neville noticed the worried looks of his men as he walked past. They all knew what they were on earth for, and if a sensor room was destroyed it meant something big had happened. He brought them here because they were intelligent and dedicated to the cause. They would figure out what was happening on their own if he let them, so he decided to tell them before the rumor mill got out of control and clouded their purpose. Robert had to be told first. Events were progressing faster than expected. Neville hoped that the centuries of preparation had paid off.

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