100-Word Challenge, Day 339

“You could be right, but I can’t say for certain that the power is coming from the Light,” Haden said as he scratched his chin. “There is light there, but it is murky and impure.”

“Have you not encountered this before?” Albert asked. “I thought you were familiar with all things mystical and otherworldly.” Normally Albert would have loved sticking Haden’s ignorance in his face, whether Albert knew the answer or not, but this worried him.

Haden closed his eyes, and thought back as far as he could, but there was nothing more than the hint of a sensation, that might have been a memory, niggling at the corner of his mind. “There are some things so old that even I am unfamiliar with them.” Haden suspected that the source of so much power was ancient, even by the standards of the Angels, and that scared him.

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