100-Word Challenge, Day 345

“That’s what I was told,” the hooded man said with a shrug.

Tony pushed up her shirt sleeve and looked at her arm. “There’s no track marks. Not even from where you injected her.”

“Check the other arm.”

He pushed up the other sleeve and grimaced. “There’s just the one mark here too, and there’s something oozing out of it.”

“Blood?” asked the man outside the circle.

“No, you idiot,” growled Tony. “I would have said blood, not something, if it was blood.”

“What color is it?”

“White,” Tony said as he wiped at the sticky substance from her arm.

“I think it is the heroin.” The man in the hood crossed himself.

“Shit! How is that even possible?” Tony asked as he stepped back.

The other man took a couple of steps away from the outermost circle, and whispered, “it shouldn’t be.”

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