100-Word Challenge, Day 348

Tony couldn’t move. He wanted to move. He wanted to run from the girl and never look back. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he strained every muscle in his body. He fell to his knees, blood dripped from his ears and tears flowed from his eyes. He whimpered in agony.

The mumbling stopped and Tony regained control of his body. He fell backwards and scuttled away from Julia, back through the mystical circle, leaving a mess of smeared chalk in his wake.

“Fool!” shouted Gabriel. “You have ruined the circle.”

There was a loud snap, like the report of a gun, and the bonds that held the girl in place were broken, though she made no move. “Come to me, priest,” she said. Her voice pure, but it was not her own. Hours earlier, he had talked with her at length and she had confided in him what Justin was. She was just a girl, but she terrified him.

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