100-Word Challenge, Day 349


Angel of the Death
Angel of the Death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He looked at the door and considered running, but he doubted he would make it. He walked around the edge of the outer circle, careful not to disturb the chalk despite Tony’s mistake. Gabriel stopped in front of the smeared portion at Tony’s feet, and waited.

Julia’s voice was soft, yet it echoed throughout the room as she spoke. “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death.”

Tears streamed down Father Gabriel’s face as he whispered, “it’s not possible. It can’t be him.”

Father Gabriel’s eyes were drawn to Julia’s. They turned white as he watched, and he sensed a change in her. Whatever force had taken control was gone, but it had left its mark upon the girl’s eyes. He made his way through the circle and knelt before her. “Child, are you okay?” he asked, forgetting his place in holding her captive.

She turned her blind eyes to him and said, “he is awoken.”


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