A Day at Wing Haven


Wing Haven from the front gate


This weekend the family and I went to Wing Haven, here in North Carolina, and I have found a new place I love and it will be a repeat visit.

The Wing Haven Gardens are a pair of Gardens just outside of uptown Charlotte, near Queen’s College. They are not botanical gardens as much as they are what I would call “real” gardens, planted and cultivated by a pair of homeownrs in their backyards. I could go into the details of who created them and why, but if you cick the link above you’ll find the official website, which gives you far more information than I could manage.

Instead of sharing all of the information, I will share some of the pictures I took during our visit.

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2 thoughts on “A Day at Wing Haven

    1. The whole foods thing fell to the side since my wife became pregnant. It is horribly hard to do the whole foods thing when the cravings have been so random. We are trying to get back into it a little at a time.

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