Apocalypse Rising 041612

Cracked Wall
Cracked Wall (Photo credit: shaire productions)
I push at the barrier, seeking out a weakness, until I find a crack in the wall. Almost all mystical barriers, whether physical or mental, have some flaw in them. Even the one I had created for myself was flawed, though its flaw was built in as a security measure. It was completely impenetrable by me, but someone strong enough to harm me could shatter it with little effort. Most flaws were unconscious, the result of poor procedure or some shortcoming in the creator. The flaw in the barrier I was breaking was the result of doubt. Whoever had set the trap was not sure that it was the right choice. I planned to let them know exactly how poor a choice it was.

I attack the weak spot, chipping away at it with precise, mental, blows, like an artist shaping granite, until a fissure forms, and I can exert more force. Once I open a hole to the interior, I reach in, and destroy the barrier.

A quick stream of memories rushes into my mind, filling in gaps that I could not explain. The sensation is similar to the memory feed I get when I focus on my past, but there is less resistance, and a greater rush. The name, Julia, played a prominent role in my recent past, especially in regards to the events leading to my return.

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