Apocalypse Rising 041712

“Julia,” I whisper.

“You remember?” Gloriana asks.

“Yes,” I say. “Someone, tried to hide her from me.”

“The wizard?”

I think back to the battle before speaking. “I don’t believe so. He was a weapon that someone pointed at me. He is skilled, but he didn’t know who, or what, I am, so I doubt he had something prepared when he walked in. More importantly, the barrier was created with the Power, not human magic.”

“An agent of Heaven blocked your memories of this girl?” Gloriana asks.

“So it would seem,” I say. I try to find her, using the power to locate her soul, but there is nothing in the city.  I check further abroad, but come up empty. “I think someone is still shielding her.”

Gloriana asks, “so you cannot find her?”

“Not from here,” I say. “My awakening created too much static in the ether. Once I get to the surface, I’ll be able to determine a general area to search in.” I stand up, though I have to remain bent over to prevent my head from hitting the ceiling, and run my hands down my chest. I am grateful that my clothes have grown with my body. “Please thank Accantha for the use of the sword and armor. It served me well.”

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