Apocalypse Rising 041812


Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

“Tell her yourself,” she says. “I am sending her with you.”

“Thank you, Elf Queen, but that is unnecessary,” I say. “Today has been a long day for your people, and I think you will need women like her to watch over your people in the coming days. The wizard was defeated, but he survived, and he, or his master, may well come looking for me.” I feel guilty for the death of so many elves. Their dwindling population cannot sustain the ravages of my presence. In the past, my enemies usually feared facing me directly, so they struck at my friends and allies. I am afraid that will happen again.

“I am sure they will, though they may be less direct now that you have awoken, but I do not think they will look here.” Gloriana stands, picks up the armor and sword, and leads me toward the door. “You will leave here with Accantha, and everyone will notice you, even without your armor.” She hands it to me and holds up a hand to halt my protests. “I am not saying you should wear it now, but I’m sure you will have need of this again someday. Your height marks you as something more than average, and your aura is returning. Your presence will be noticed and your pursuer will not return here.”

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