Apocalypse Rising 041912

“So I am a distraction,” I say.

“You are much more than that, so stop being so sensitive,” Gloriana says. “Consider Accantha my liaison to you. She’ll be able to reach me wherever you are and I will offer what help I can.” She stops in front of her door and offers me here hand.

I bow down and kiss it. “You do me honor, Your Majesty.”

“I sense great things in you…” Her words trail off and she raises an eyebrow.

“Justin,” I say, “you may still call me Justin.”

“A rather mundane name for the Angel of Death, don’t you think?” she asks.

“Perhaps, but it is as good as any I have had while wandering the earth.” I say. “I have gone by many names throughout human history and I cannot imagine, Justin, ever invoking the terror that others have garnered.”

“I imagine not,” Gloriana says with a laugh. “Justin the Terrible invokes more laughter than terror, and I pray that it always remains so.”

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