Apocalypse Rising 042312


Ruby ...
Ruby ... (Photo credit: mademoiselle lavender)

I am struck by her words, and I hope that I prove worthy of Julius’s faith. “Do you need to do anything before we leave?” I ask.

“I need a few things from my home, and I’ll dig up something for you to carry the armor in.” She smiles and says, “I don’t spend a lot of time amongst the humans, but even I know that a man running around in armor, carrying a sword, will gather the wrong kind of attention.” She turns and runs down the tunnel, leaving me with the other elves.

I turn look at the elves and the pile of dead goblins. I have little love for the goblins. I am supposed to be impartial in the performance of my duties, but creatures warped by the darkness rarely deserve my respect or sympathy. Already, I can smell the stink of their death and the stain it will leave. I will do one more favor for the elves before I leave.

I augment my voice with the Power and command, “leave this place, now.”

The elves do not hesitate.

Gloriana advised me to conserve my energy, to save it for whatever was to come, but I choose to ignore her advice. There has been so much death in this space that it is easy for me to draw the residual essence left in its wake. I collect it into a visible sphere the size of van, a mottled globe of darkness and light that spins slowly in the center of the room. I reach out with my own power and pull the bodies of the dead goblins into the sphere. The pressure of so much death crushes each corpse, making room for the next until all are consumed, and the sphere’s light turns red.

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