Apocalypse Rising 042412

 I feed my will and power onto the surface, slowly pushing toward the center, condensing the energy and matter within, until it shrinks to the size of my fist. Sweat breaks out on my forehead as I exert my will upon it, forcing it to become smaller still, until it forms a large, blood-colored, gem. Muted light swirls and pulses within, drawing my eyes into its depths. I sense the power within, but I am unsure what it will be capable of. It was reckless of me to create the gem, but my instincts took hold, and it felt right. I decide to give it to Gloriana. I owe her much, and trust her with the power of the gem.

I take the gem in my hand and turn back toward the village. The elves who had been working are all there, in the tunnel entrance, watching me. They are silent and staring at me. They move aside as Accantha and Gloriana make their way through the crowd.

“I see you did not heed my advice,” Gloriana says, “but I suppose that is to be expected. You have kept yourself in check for so long; it must be tempting to throw your power around for a change.” She smiles at me like a teacher confronting a disobedient student. It annoys me, but I know she means nothing by it.

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