Apocalypse Rising 042512


Embroidery work done on a backpack. Magyar: Hi...
Embroidery work done on a backpack. Magyar: Himzés egy táskán. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It seems I can’t leave you alone for a second without you breaking a rule now can I,” Accantha says. She steps forward, and hands me an old, green, military backpack. “You can keep your gear in here she says.

“Awful modern looking for an enchanted elven backpack,” I say and the elves laugh and titter with amusement. It is a joyous sound that makes me smile, even if the joke is at my expense.

Accantha regains control of herself long enough to say, “not all equipment is enchanted. I found this pack decades ago, and it has never failed me. Sometimes mundane items are the best tools for the job.”

I blush and nod. “My apologies.”

“None needed,” Accantha says. “Now can we get out of here?”

“Yes, just one last thing.” I step over to Gloriana and hold out the gem. “I forged this by instinct, with the guidance of an inner voice. I pray that He guides my hands in all I do. Care for this gem and it will bring you, and your people, good fortune.”

She takes it from me and bows her head. “Be safe, Justin, and return to us whenever you like.”

“I will, and thank you again,” I say. “Accantha, would you be so kind as to lead us out of here?”

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