Apocalypse Rising 042612

 “It will be my pleasure,” she says before turning and leading me through the crowded tunnel.

She guides me back through the village to a tunnel on the far side. It is dark and wet; an oppressive weight hangs in the air and chills my flesh to the bone. “What is this place?” I ask.

Accantha whispers, “it is a cursed place, tainted by dark magic long ago. When we first settled in this place, dark wizards and a host of lesser demons attacked us. They killed many of my people were killed, but we carried the day. When the last of the demons fell, the remaining wizards sacrificed themselves and laid a curse on the battleground.” She walks on, her shoulders hunched over, as if she is walking against a stiff wind. “We did what we could to contain it, but it is powerful and hard to hold back.”

“The grounds beneath the village,” I say.

“Yes, we lost it to the curse decades ago.”

“Why not leave this place; find something safer?” I ask as we step into a large space with a ceiling far overhead.

“There is nowhere else to go, and it is no longer as easy for us to travel,” she says. “We have made this our home, our final stand, and it is here that we will end our days.”

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