Apocalypse Rising 042812


Belfast alley
Belfast alley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” I say. My own height is well above the average, and is likely to draw stares, but if I need to gather a little extra attention, I can use the Power to draw as much interest as I want. “Shall we?” I ask as I nod my head upward.

Accantha climbs the rungs until she reaches the top. She stops and I see the nimbus of power surround her as she uses the Power to lift the manhole cover, and silently move it to the side. The light fades, she climbs out, and disappears from my view. I quickly follow after, and emerge from the depths of the city, only to find myself surrounded by the stink of garbage.

“I think I prefer the smell of the sewers,” I say. The alley we are in is closed on one end, and bags of rotting garbage line the walls. Even the homeless have shunned this place.

“It is easier to get used to,” Accantha says. “Down there, the smell is constant, but here you can catch a cool, clean breeze, or the smell of baking bread. The respite lasts for only a moment, but when it goes you would swear it had lasted for hours.” She passes her hands over her body and her clothing changes to more modern fare, jeans and a tee shirt. “When things are always bad, it is easy to forget how good things once were, but the slightest reminder of the positive pushes you down even further once it has left.”

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