Apocalypse Rising Chapter 13 PREVIEW

Well the day is nearly upon us.  Apocalypse Rising’s official release is only a week away and I know I have been very quiet the last few weeks, so I thought I would share a finished chapter from the book and a video my friend Jan Marie made for me.





“What do you mean, he’s gone?” Neville asked.

“It’s just that: he’s gone. He was there one minute, then nothing,” said the technician. He was a minor Angel of little standing, but still a child of the Light, and deserving of some measure of respect. Neville had to forcibly remind himself of that as he stood towering over the technician.

“Find him. Figure out how the machines failed and find him,” said Neville, the rage he felt masked by the outward appearance of calm. “He’s too close for us to lose him now.” Neville turned and stared out of the window. “Where are you?”

“Where’s who, brother?” asked Robert as he strode into the room.

His grin was magnetic, but Neville was in no mood to smile. “You know very well who, Robert,” he said.

“You were able to find him?

“His presence was detected nearby. We were able to track him for a while. We even managed to ascertain a location.”

“We should pick him up then!” Robert exclaimed and turned toward the door.

“I was about to, when he disappeared from the scope.” The frustration in Neville’s voice was plain. “Simply gone, as if he were dead, which we know is not the case.”

“So where is he?” demanded Robert loud enough to make the nearby technicians flinch.

“I don’t know, but we’re looking,” Neville said with a voice as calm and serene as he had ever managed. Leave it to Robert to bring him back to center. “As soon as we’ve confirmed how he disappeared, we’ll send a couple of our more trusted agents in to locate him. Until then, I’ve ordered one of our mortal operatives to the last known scene to have a look around.” There was a time when Neville hated working through proxies, both angelic and mortal, but that time had long since passed.

“His strength is growing,” Robert said.

“I know. He is accessing the power more frequently, and for different tasks.” Neville turned back to the window before he continued speaking. “Soon he will remember who he is, and that will cause a whole new host of problems.”

“Host is right,” said Robert before barking a harsh guffaw. “The Host may well become one of our greatest concerns, if he figures out what he is, and they find out about it.”

“Too true.” Neville placed the palm of his hand on the window, enjoying the cool touch of the glass. “It is a dangerous path we walk brother.”

“There is no reward without danger,” Robert said as he took his place beside Neville. “The potential here is incredible. If we play this correctly, it could change everything, and our names would be celebrated across the cosmos.”

“Or vilified if we fail,” whispered Neville.

“What troubles you, Neville? It is not like you to be so pessimistic.”

“I don’t know.” Neville stood still, his eyes focused on a point beyond even his incredible sight. “I have never doubted our role in this before, but I find myself uncertain, no, uncomfortable, for the first time since we made the mortal world our home.”

Robert turned his oldest friend towards him. They had known each other almost from the moment reality had been shaped out of the chaos that was the universe. “Neville, the time for doubt and discomfort has long since passed. We knew this time would come, and we knew the risks. Take heart in the fact that we have the courage to act, rather than wait for the universe to shape us. We are not the sheep walking the streets below, God help them. We are the lions, and we will shape our destiny like no one has ever been able to do before.”

“Been able, or been willing?” Neville raised his hand before his brother could respond. “I know, Robert, it was rhetorical. I wish we could go to Him for guidance. I miss Him.”

“Father looks upon our works, and is pleased Neville. I can feel it.” Robert looked up at the sun, a silent homage to the Father. “The world will be better for our labors, and you know it.”

Neville too looked at the sun, wishing it were the true Light, not a pale substitute, and longed to feel even its warmth upon his skin. “I do, Heaven help me, but I do.”

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