100-Word Challenge, Day 019

sOem par Aldric Mahe
sOem par Aldric Mahe (Photo credit: Soem Live)

Evan walked toward the garage, unwilling to wait around while Margaret threw herself at Aldric once more. He wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of her affections, but he was not going to spend his morning listening to the two of them moan and groan in Aldric’s little “hidden” bedroom. They thought they were so slick, but they were a joke. Really it was Margaret who was the joke. Aldric was the boss and she was hardly his first dalliance, so people were unsurprised by his behavior, but Margaret seemed to think she was special and that her position as Aldric’s lover provided her with special privileges. There were rumors that she was on her way out though. Aldric would sleep with his employees, but they had stay his employees by doing the work and following the rules. Margaret was good at the first, but was failing at the second.

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