100-Word Challenge, Day 20

The garage was dimly lit and sparsely populated with hover-cars. Aldric’s flashy red sport model dominated the space with a spotlight shining down on his personal parking space. It made Evan’s metallic blue sedan seem sad an pathetic in its space. It was a good car, practical and safe. It was the kind of car Evan’s mother would have approved of if she were still alive. She had worried and fretted over his move to the moon and made him promise to be safe. She had always been cautious and bought everything with safety in mind. Evan didn’t think she would have appreciated the irony of her home security system keeping her locked in the house as it burned down around her. The investigator said that it was a one in a million glitch that kept the doors sealed shut. It was a sad day, but it was far removed from Evan’s everyday life, so there were few tears.

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