100-Word Challenge, Day 29-31

Colored lines and corresponding numbers scrawled across his screen in the pattern he had predicted and that meant that in all likelihood his theory was correct. The simulation was only about eighty percent complete, but if it was going to fail it would have done so by the midpoint where the energy input was ramping up, not on the downside where the output started to take over and energy conversion occurred. In Aldric’s mind, the only question that remained was what the final energy output would be and how close his calculations were. Once that was determined they would begin construction of a scaled down dimensional reactor and put it through its pace. Within the next couple of years they would have even more power and a possible means to travel beyond the solar system.

He was about to cheer out loud and wake Margaret from her sleep, when Aldric noticed the output climbing at a much faster than anticipated rate. The energy created was enough that it had supplanted the need for external power and it was cycling through the converter far earlier than Aldric had expected. “Margaret! Get out here!” Aldric yelled. The numbers kept climbing and the simulated converter was beginning to redline as he watched. “Damn it, Margaret! Get Up!” His scream bordered between excitement and terror, as he hammered out commands on his keyboard, trying to stabilize the effect so that the simulation would complete, but he knew it was a losing battle.

“What’s going on?” Margaret asked as she stumbled out of the bedroom in one of his t-shirts.

“I’m losing it,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Wait, losing what?” she asked as she walked up behind him. She looked over his shoulder and said, “Holy Shit! Is that the simulation?”

“Yes, damn it,” Aldric said, “now can you get on that workstation and help me here? We’re losing data by the second.” Margaret sat down at the workstation beside him and piggy-backed on his signal so that she could bypass most of the network’s security. Her screen flared to life with an image similar to Aldric’s. “Good,” he said, “now help me stabilize this bitch so we won’t have to re-run it.”


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