100-Word Challenge, Day 036

Margaret grabbed the handset and put it to her ear, “Dark Side Experimental, Doctor Vo speaking. How may I help you?” Her voice was sugary sweet, not at all the usual hard, dispassionate tone she used when talking. “Oh, Minister Hannlin, how very nice to hear from you. What? Oh yes, that was us again.” The short breaks between sentences made Evan laugh. She was barely giving the Lunar Defense Minister a chance to speak before she answered. “It is nothing to worry about, just a standard bleed of excess energy. No, sir, there is absolutely no danger to the grid. It was part of our personal power grid for just this reason. We have plenty of power here Minister Hannlin, there is no need to send an emergency crew. Yes, I’ll make sure to let Mister Dewitt know that he should call you. Goodbye, sir.”

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