100-Word Challenge, Day 047

Agile Methodology: User tasks
Agile Methodology: User tasks (Photo credit: Az0r)

She was right, and Evan knew it, but that did not mean he had to like it. People like Aldric were lucky, but eventually that luck ran out. Evan believed in the process, in tried and true methodology and the careful use of testing. It kept people safe and allowed for steady progress, but it did not often lend itself to the massive leaps forward that Aldric’s reckless methods yielded. “I suppose you’re right,” Evan said, “but I would still prefer a slower approach. I don’t understand why this is so urgent to him.” Evan shook his head and looked straight at Margaret. “It doesn’t matter I guess. He’s the boss, so what he wants, he gets.”

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2 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge, Day 047

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts! I get them on my phone, and it is one of the emails I look forward to opening each day! Keep up the good work! Karma Chameleon from Eric White’s Land of Make Believe! : )

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