100-Word Challenge, Day 062-063

“You bet your ass he can,” Evan replied. “That man is brilliant and worried that everyone is out to get him and his technology. He’s not a bad person, just misguided, but the moment you let your guard down around him he will burn you in ways that he cannot imagine.” Evan poured himself another glass of water and looked Marcus in the eyes, waiting for the man to blink.

“Fine,” Marcus barked as he looked away. “We will keep playing this your way, but we need some result. There is a deadline here, and if you don’t meet it you’ll end up regretting it more than you can possibly imagine.” Marcus nodded his head toward the front door and his associates got up from the table and made their way in that direction, each of them scowling at Evan as they passed. “We’ll be back, Doc. Try not to disappoint us next time.” Marcus turned and joined his companions in the airlock before sealing the door shut behind them.

Evan’s shoulders slumped as he breathed out. “Too close,” he said to no one. “I really need to invest in some better locks.” He drank the rest of his water and eased the flechette pistol back into its hidden holster beneath the kitchen counter. It was not the first time Marcus or one of his associates had visited Evan, but each time they came for a visit their threats were a bit stronger. It would not be long before they stopped threatening and started breaking things. Evan’s deal with the devil would grow costly if he was not more careful.

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