100-Word Challenge, Part 77-78


BrokenAldric smashed his fist into the wall of his office and broke his hand. He would have screamed in pain if he were not shouting in rage at the time. He knew that bastard Evan was up to something and he was sure that Margaret was involved somehow. He recognized the lust in Evan’s eyes and it made him sick. Aldric would have shoved him out of an airlock if not for the progress he was making on the dimensional collapse technology. He hated feeling like he needed Evan, but the man was smarter than anyone gave him credit for.

As his anger subsided the pain in his hand began to grow. He would have to make a trip to the infirmary to get it fixed before his meeting later in the afternoon. He hated going there because it made him feel weak, and that was something he could not stand. He looked back at his desk and watched Evan working in the foc

us helmet. Aldric grimaced and cleared the imade before he tapped a couple of buttons on the com unit. The machine silently flashed as it attempted to connect with one of the people Aldric used when more traditional means failed.

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