100-Word Challenge, Day 085

For copyrights, see Image:Gliese.JPG (the orig...
For copyrights, see Image:Gliese.JPG (the original image that this image was derived from) The copyright tag found in Image:Gliese.JPG is the following: The original author was Hervé Piraud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“So where is he off to?” Evan asked. “I thought he was going to be here until we completed all of the initial tests.”

Margaret smiled and leaned forward before she whispered conspiratorially, “He is meeting with the military again. I think they are going to try and wear him down with all of these useless meetings.” She stood up, raised her arms high over her head, and stretched like a cat in the sun. “It is useless of course. He won’t give them what they want for any reason short of alien invasion, and since we haven’t found any sign of extra-terrestrial life, I don’t see it happening soon.”


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