100-Word Challenge, Day 106-108

tentacles.07 (Photo credit: mark knol)

The crimson orb drifted toward Margaret and she was unable to move or even look away. It stopped just short of touching her, hovering before her eyes , mesmerizing her with words meant for no one but her and heard only in the recesses of her mind. It promised her everything she ever desired. Wealth, power, and eager lovers for her bed were at the top of her list, but there was something she wanted even more and it was offered  to her, as long as she was willing to pay the price. The remaining rational part of her mind told her to say no, to reject the offer, but her lust for all the things she had been denied overwhelmed that rational part, and she agreed to the terms whispers in the dark corners of her soul.

Tendrils of shimmering red light drifted away from the orb and caressed her face with the care of a new lover. Doctor Vo closed her eyes, enraptured by the pure bliss brought by each moment of contact. She did not see, but felt, the other tendrils  as they slithered through the openings in her clothing until the orb had unraveled and only the tentacle like glowing red bands of light remained. The tendrils explored her body, leaving Margaret silently begging for  more. The buttons on her blouse and lab coat popped as more of the tendrils wrapped around her naked flesh.

Time lost its meaning as she felt her body change, twisted and manipulated to serve the needs of her new master. The pain she suffered would have been unbearable if not for the overwhelming pleasure that accompanied every point of contact. Margaret screamed, but the sound was swallowed  by the light that filled her throat.  Her soul cried out in agony as it was crushed and placed in a prison with no walls and no escape. She could see through her own eyes, but could not control them. She felt the pleasure and pain of her body, but it failed to respond to her commands. She was a prisoner, trapped within her own body.

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