100-Word Challenge, Day 110

eye in the sky
eye in the sky (Photo credit: addy1969)

The ceiling was the same slick white as the walls of his lab. Staring at it made him angry. Something unexpected had happened and he desperately wanted to know what. The scientist in him was curious, but the human in him was scared. Somewhere between them was his desire to understand so that he could fight back against whatever had come through the dimensional rift. He held no delusions about the kind of danger everyone in the building was in. Before the light had faded, he had felt the presence of something malevolent on the other side. It called to him, even though the rift had been closed for days, he could hear it in the back of his mind, tempting him, asking him to open the rift once more in return for all manner of depraved reward. He was not so proud to think that he couldn’t be persuaded, and the temptation scared him. He had accumulated enough debt to make fleeing the moon a nightly consideration, so making a deal with some other-dimensional being was the last thing he needed.

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