100-Word Challenge, Day 111-113

The slow hiss of the door sliding into the wall let Evan know that he was not alone. He refused to turn his head and look at whoever had entered. He intended it to appear as an act of contempt and disdain, but he suspected it did little more than make him look petulant.

“You are healing nicely.” The voice was unfamiliar to Evan. The steady baritone reminded him of his father, which he supposed was by design, and the sound of it nearly made him weep; not because of the similarity, but because it was the first time anyone had said anything to him since he had been in the room.Evan turned to look at the man standing beside his bed. The white lab coat was not unlike his own except for the collar being stitched with the Caduceus. The doctor was tall and lean, he immediately brought the image of a giraffe to Evan’s mind, with a neatly combed head of black hair. “Who are you,” Evan managed to ask. His throat was dry and still sore from the endless screaming he had done on his first day of confinement.

“My name is Wade,” the man said, “and I’ve been the doctor in charge of your recovery.” He looked over a data-slate, tapped the screen a couple of times then looked at Evan. “I think that we can get you out of this room today.”

“That,” Evan stopped to lick his lips and coax a little saliva into his mouth, but he was only mildly successful at best, “that would be wonderful.”

Wade pulled up a stool and sat beside Evan’s head. “Do you know who you are?” he asked.

“I am Doctor Evan Murray,” he said.

“Very good, Evan,” Wade said as he checked tapped the screen of the data-slate. “Do you know where you are?”

“I don’t…” Evan let the worlds trail off. Something felt wrong, like a small pebble in the bottom of his shoe, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He tried to focus his thoughts, but struggled to do so. “I’m not sure.”

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