100-Word Challenge, Day 123

Floating Head
Floating Head (Photo credit: <p&p>)

He tumbled forward, tripped over the busted remains of his favorite chair and fell face first into a small pile of old fashioned paper books. Evan rolled onto his back and looked up in time to see his attacker remove the hood to his stealth cloak. Where there had been no one a minute before, now the disembodied head of Caleb, one of Marcus’s goons.

“What the hell?” Evan asked as he ran his hand over the back of his head and scurried backward until he ran into the wall. Caleb growled and he stalked forward. Evan could barely detect the outline of the man’s body and trying made his stomach turn. Stealth suits were illegal for civilian use, but that was hardly a deterrent for Marcus and his crew.

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