100-Word Challenge, Day 129-130

Mr. Leeh Huuh, bullet wound, murdered by Thai ...
Mr. Leeh Huuh, bullet wound, murdered by Thai police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Caleb pulled the trigger and there was nothing but the click of the hammer striking an empty chamber, the two men looked at one another in shocked disbelief. Evan looked at his hand, then at his body, and said a little prayer to the God he did not believe in. “How?” was all Caleb said.

“I don’t know,” Evan responded, “but I think you shot yourself.” He pointed at the slowly growing red spot that hovered twelve inches below Caleb’s disembodied head.

“Son of a bitch.” Caleb ran his invisible hand over the spot and its bloody outline appeared to Evan just before the big man fell over dead.

Evan crept forward, nearly falling when he tripped over the mostly invisible body of the enforcer, but he kept his feet and checked the man’s neck for a pulse. “Shit,” he said as he squatted beside the corpse. “What the hell is going on here?” He felt around until he located the stealth suit’s zipper and slid it down, breaking the seal and ending the stealth protocols in the process. He pulled aside the slick, elastic material and grimaced at the gunshot wound in Caleb’s chest. It was bigger than he expected and the edges were ragged and torn; it was nothing like what he had seen on the holovids. He always thought the amount of blood and gore was exaggerated for entertainment purposes, but they did not hold a candle to reality.

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