100-Word Challenge, Day 131-132

Cracked glass macro (Extension tube test)
Cracked glass macro (Extension tube test) (Photo credit: GuySie)

Evan stood and took a step toward his keys when a sound stopped him short. It was quiet, barely noticeable, and if it were not for the air scrubbers being on an off cycle at that moment, he would never have heard it. He turned slowly until he was staring at the large window that allowed him to look upon the crater riddled lunar landscape behind his house. It was the one real extravagance he allowed himself, but in the lower right hand corner he located the source of the gentle snapping sound that had stopped him in his tracks.

One of the stray bullets had hit the window as it bounced around the room. The thick, chemically treated glass, was designed to handle micro meteor impacts from the outside, but the tumbling bullet left a deep gouge on the inside and another sharp, cracking sound accompanied another little fissure forming. There was an emergency patch kit for just such an event, though Evan doubted gunfire had ever been part of their consideration, but it was kept in a locker in the garage. Evan took a step back, then turned and ran for the garage door as a crack formed from the bullet wound to the opposite corner.

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