100-Word Challenge, Day 134-135

When the rush of escaping environment ended, Evan was left holding onto the counter but still very much alive. The air around him shimmered violently and became nearly opaque in the process. He still held his breath, too afraid to risk his own mortality on the possibility that the existence of the odd barrier that surrounded him might have retained some oxygen, but the point became moot as his lungs burned and ached for relief. Evan wanted to take a slow, cautious breath, but the moment he started his reflexes took over and he gulped in as much air as he could in that first breath.

Evan released the cabinet and fell to the floor. He looked up at the flickering wall of light around him and shook his head. Where had it come from? What was happening to him? The bubble grew darker and he knew that his salvation had a time limit, so he scrambled to his feet and headed toward the garage. He stepped through the airlock and his inexplicable air cocoon disappear as the air filled the void inside. Evan took a deep breath of the slightly chemical scented air of the garage and for the first in months he did not care that the air scrubbers in that part of his house were imperfect. The slight taint was a potent reminder that he was alive and that was well worth the discomfort.

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