100-Word Challenge, Day 138

English: Pictogram of CCTV camera
English: Pictogram of CCTV camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once Evan was settled behind the wheel of his hover car, he fired up the engine, opened the garage door and lowered the force field before he backed down his driveway and onto the street. His own security cameras might have captured the big sedan’s direction if his attacker hadn’t disabled them, but the departure was not lost on the DarkSide security officer who sat hidden in an insulated camouflage suit just outside the scientist’s property line. It was not as fancy as the thug who had entered the home the night before, but it’s mottled grey surface allowed him to blend into the landscape while the shielding protected him from the freezing nights and blistering days. He had not expected to see the thinner man exit the home, so he punched the code into his transmitter and signaled a watch officer in the command bunker that Evan was alive and on the move.

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