100-Word Challenge, Day 146-147


Evan looked out of the six-inch by two-inch slit that the landlord called a window and sighed. The sight of Darkside’s communications tower blinking in the distance was a constant reminder of where he should be, but he did not dare risk a return until Aldric recovered or Margaret showed up and cleared his name. Of course that assumed that she actually would clear his name. He hated to admit it, but there was the chance that he had misread her at the end of it all and that she would turn on him the moment she showed up.

When he slept, Evan dreamt of her. Usually the dreams revolved around her arriving at his pathetic little hide out, telling him that everything had been cleared up, and he would be welcomed back to Darkside so that he could finish Aldric’s research as well as their own. The dream often ended with her taking off her clothes and having her way with him. Those were the best dreams, and the ones he most hoped for when he shut his eyes at night, but occasionally they reached a darker reality where she kicked in the door and a cadre of security officers rushed in and beat him.  Waking up was always an adventure.


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