100-Word Challenge, Day 152-153

English: Far side of the Moon, by NASA's Lunar...
English: Far side of the Moon, by NASA’s Lunar Recon. Orbiter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evan opened the door and got his first clear look at the man that had managed to track him down. If not for the graying hair, the thin wire glasses and the ragged scar across his chin, Evan would have sworn the man was Aldric. The man wore a nice suit and a well-hidden gravity belt around his waist. Most of the time when you saw one it was big, bulky and industrial looking, but the stranger had spent some serious credit to make sure he did not stand out as a Terran. It suddenly dawned on Evan who the man must be. “You’re–“

“Jacob Dewitt, and you are Doctor Evan Murray.” The man held out his hand  and Evan automatically shook it. “Would you mind if I came inside? I would desperately like to sit down for a moment.”

“Yeah, sure,” Evan said as he stepped back and let his boss’s older brother inside.

“Thank you very much,” Jacob Dewitt said as he stepped past Evan. “I’ve been on the moon for three days now, but I still feel awkward standing or walking with this reduced gravity.” He looked about the room and pulled out the one chair from beneath Evan’s lone table. “I have not been able to bring myself to try running yet. Honestly I don’t know how you people do it.”

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