100-Word Challenge, Day 154-157

English: Hip flask Polski: Piersiówka
English: Hip flask Polski: Piersiówka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evan sat on the edge of his bed and said, “No offense, sir, but what are you doing here?”

“To the point I see,” said Jacob. “Very well. I have some questions and you are going to answer them.” He held up his hand to ward off Evan’s response. “You will do it, Doctor Murray, because if you do not, then I will let the thugs at Darkside, the military and your…debtors, know exactly where you are the moment I leave the building. You might be able to escape them again, but I doubt it. You are running out of places to hide.” Jacob pulled a small metal flask from his coat pocket, took a long drink from it and offered it to Evan. “If it weren’t for me Darkside would have found you yesterday, but I wanted to talk to you first.”

Evan took the flask and sniffed the contents. It was alcohol, but he could not identify it until he took a drink. The smooth burn of high grade Terran vodka was a sensation he had nearly forgotten. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth that creep down to his belly and beyond. When he opened them once more there was a smile on his face, the first real smile he had shown in more than a week, and he extended his arm toward Jacob.
“Keep it, Doctor, from the looks of it you will derive much more pleasure from that flask than I.” Jacob tipped the chair back and smiled. “Shall we begin?”

With a shrug of his shoulders Evan set the flask beside him on the bed and said, “Sure. Ask away.”

“Very good.” Jacob leaned forward and the front legs of the chair returned to the floor with a loud clunk. “Let me be straight with you, Doctor Murray. I will not accept lies and if I found out you are lying to me, you will wish that I had turned you over to Darkside. My brother and I do not get along, but he is my brother and I will always have his best interests at heart. Do you understand?”

Jacob stared straight into Evan’s eyes and the scientist knew that the man was not one to be trifled with. Aldric’s unpredictability was nowhere to be found in his brother. Instead there was a cold finality that made Evan crave another drink. “I understand.”



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