100-Word Challenge, Day 161-162

Jacob’s eyes grew wide. “That is quite the shift.”

Digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Servic...
Digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Service Corp.), 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Yes it is,” Evan said as he sat back down. “Forget Aldric’s free power for the dark side of the moon. He could power the entire moon and Terra itself with only a handful of power stations. With some additional engineering there is no reason that the new power systems couldn’t be used to power spacecraft beyond the faster than light barrier.” Evan folded his hands in his lap and looked Jacob in the eye. “Stellar travel would become a reality in a matter of years.” Evan opened the flask and took another drink.

“Well that would certainly explain why Aldric would consider blackmailing you,” Jacob said.

“What? Why?”

“Control,” Jacob said. “If you are instrumental in figuring this out, then Aldric will want to make sure you have no choice but to stay with him. If you ran off to another firm, or the government for that matter, then it would make it much harder for him to shape the future in his own image.”

“Holy shit.” Evan took another drink from the flask then frowned at its rapidly diminishing contents. “How far would he take this?” Evan quickly considered his options for getting off the moon, but he didn’t think that would make him all that much safer.


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