100-Word Challenge, Day 163-165

“I imagine he will take it very far indeed,” Jacob said, “of course that’s assuming he ever wakes up from his coma.” Jacob patted his chest and sighed. “Having a private shuttle still doesn’t allow for the smuggling of cigarettes to the moon.”

“I would offer you one, but it is a filthy habit I never acquired,” Evan said. “I’m sure a man with your connections will ferret some out before too long.” Evan smiled and said, “So your brother is still in a coma. They have been keeping anything about the accident secret. They even went so far as to concoct a story about Aldric taking a vacation to Terra.”

“How absurd,” Jacob said. “Aldric hates going planet side. He only does it for work and he leaves as soon as he can.”

“I know, but there are photos of him boarding a shuttle bound for Brazil,” Evan said. “It is obviously a fake, but most people don’t care. They believe what they see because they want to.”

“I imagine you’re right,” Jacob said. “I suspect he will wake up soon though. According to his medical staff, Aldric’s brain wave pattern has kicked into overdrive. His body may be shut down, but his mind is racing full speed ahead.”

“Huh, I wonder what made the change.” Evan looked at the flask and considered taking another drink, but forced himself to wait. It would not do to drink such expensive liquor all in one sitting.

“They’re not sure, but it started right after they found that other assistant of his, Doctor Vo, I believe her name is.”

“Found her?” Evan asked. “She’s been missing?”

“Yes, apparently she locked herself away in the safe room outside of the lab where the explosion occurred,” Jacob said. “Apparently something happened where the locking mechanism kicked in when the power was cut. She was in there all alone; unable to see in the dark or open any of the mag-sealed storage lockers, but the system kept pumping air into the room. She was almost dead when they found her, but I understand she is recovering nicely.


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