100-Word Challenge, Day 166-167

“I didn’t know,” Evan said. “She ran out of the room when Aldric attacked and—”

“Aldric attacked you?” Jacob said as he stood up. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?’

“You didn’t ask.”

“But you say you didn’t try to kill him?” Jacob asked.

“That’s right.” Evan pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he continued. “Aldric came into the room and started throwing stuff and swearing a lot. I ducked out of the way and hid behind some of the tables and equipment. I am not a strong man, Mister Dewitt, and I am not in the habit of fighting my boss. Margaret tried to talk to him, but he yelled at her and she ran from the room crying. A few second later and the explosion occurred and I don’t remember much after that.”

“It sounds like I need to have a talk with Doctor Vo as well,” Jacob said as he stared off into space. “Did he say anything when he entered the lab?”

“Nothing that made any sense,” Evan replied. “Mostly he was swearing, calling me names, and the like. I’d swear that if I didn’t know better that he was high on something.”


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