100-Word Challenge, Day 170-171


Français : Une bouteille de vodka Sobieski
Français : Une bouteille de vodka Sobieski (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evan packed all of his belongings into a small duffle bag and stuffed it under his bed. He was not so foolish as to run, but he wanted to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. He didn’t know much about Jacob Dewitt; Aldric rarely spoke of his family and when he did it was rarely flattering, but if Jacob had found him and wanted him to stay put then he would do just that unless he needed to leave.

He laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling once more. The vodka-induced warmth still coursed through his body and made the ceiling’s texture dance and wobble even more than usual. It was not even midday and he was already bored to the point of waking hallucination. He closed his eyes, but that only made the spinning sensation in his head worse. “What was I thinking,” he whispered as he opened his eyes and looked at the flask. “I was thinking it tasted good, like civilization, so I didn’t care that I’m not a drinker for a reason.” A single glass of wine with dinner was about the most he could handle without feeling a little dizzy. Vodka on a near empty stomach was definitely a bad idea.


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