100-Word Challenge, Day 172-174

A Green Planet water bottle, made from vegetab...

The small refrigerator in the kitchenette still held a couple of bottles of reprocessed water, a half-eaten sandwich from the day before and a small bag of apples that had cost twice what he was used to paying. Evan took a deep breath, focused his thought as well as he could, and reached out with his mind. He imagined a hand slowly pulling open the door of the refrigerator, but he was still learning the finer points of control and the vodka did little to help, so the door flung open with a crash that knocked a glass off the counter and sent the bottled water rolling onto the floor.

“Shit.” Evan rolled out of bed and crawled across the floor. He picked up the glass, put it in the refrigerator along with one of the bottles of water, and pulled out the sandwich. He closed the door and sat with his back against it as he unwrapped the sandwich and took a bite. The meat and vegetables had been rehydrated and tasted like fine sand held together by paste, but it met minimal food requirements and helped absorb some of the liquor to Evan’s relief.

Ever since his encounter with Caleb he had spent much of his free time trying to figure out what had happened. It turned out that when he focused he could create a field of invisible energy that could be manipulated by his will, or at least that is what he assumed was happening. His inability to sustain or control the energy with any consistency was a source of extreme frustration for the scientist. His attempts to measure or analyze it failed with each attempt when he stopped focusing on the energy so that he could run the machines or look at the results. After a week he stopped trying to test it and just accepted that it was there.


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